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The coincidental slipping of roofies to both individuals at a two-person party, each planning to have their way with the other as soon as he/she looses consciousness.
Dean Carlisle: So, Franco? How you feelin'?
Franco Genovese: To tell you the truth, I'm pretty tired. That last drink really went to my head.
Dean Carlisle: zzzzzzzz
Franco Genovese: Shit! Mutual roofination!
Franco Genovese: zzzzzzzz
by Genovese, Franco July 27, 2011
The "personal" picture or pictures hidden deep inside the files of every cell phone on the planet. The pictures are generally self-portraits taken in the mirror of one's own filthy bathroom.
Franco Genovese: Man, does EVERYONE take pictures of their junk and keep them in their cell phones?
Malibu Jackson: Yeah! Here's a frame of mine!
Franco Genovese: Dude! You should get that mounted!
by Genovese, Franco September 26, 2011
A member of the opposite sex who, after only one or two drunken encounters, starts telling everyone that the two of you are an item.
Girl whose name you can't remember: "Everyone at the bar was blown away when they found out we're dating!"
You: "Whaaa??"
Girl whose name you can't remember: "Yeah! Especially your ex. Her mouth just dropped!"
You: "Maybe you better sit down. You're hallucidating right now."
by Genovese, Franco October 08, 2011
A rare disorder, seen most often in middle-aged white Republican males, wherein the subject is born with, or develops, a third testicle which, left unrestrained, drags along on the ground behind him.
Malibu Jackson: Shhh! I think I hear someone following us!
Franco Genovese: No, that's just my Extra-Terrestical.
Malibu Jackson: Corral that shit, bish!
by Genovese, Franco August 19, 2011
The state of near facial paralysis resulting from an addiction to plastic surgery. Eventually, its victims begin to appear as if they are being anally raped, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (See also: paralystallone, kennyrogeritis, almichaelangelo.)
Franco Genovese: "Wow. Is it just me or is Joan Rivers starting to look more like Mickey Rourke than...well...Mickey Rourke?"
Malibu Jackson: "She's got Osteopelosi. I find that very sad."
Franco Genovese: "Yeah. So does Mickey Rourke."
by Genovese, Franco January 07, 2012
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