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3 definitions by Geno Red

See ffXI (FF11) and taru taru, an animation acheived by the producers square-enix by the race taru taru that is the best animation in the history of all movies,games, and general entertainment .
Awwwww that is such a cute taru taru animation I will kill myself because I will never see anything this orgasmic in my life again.
by Geno Red December 22, 2003
34 7
Sexiest cat person every created in history of cat people. More sexy and asian then Lucy Lui. Make kickass ninjas, see
Last night I got some new protection so I equipped it on my mithra. I was up all night.
by Geno Red December 11, 2003
20 35
A descriptive word used for sexually arousing females that play alot of ddr and are usually asian.
Wow she rocks at DDR and has nice boobs ! Wut a meng.
by Geno Red December 14, 2003
15 44