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See ffXI (FF11) and taru taru, an animation acheived by the producers square-enix by the race taru taru that is the best animation in the history of all movies,games, and general entertainment .
Awwwww that is such a cute taru taru animation I will kill myself because I will never see anything this orgasmic in my life again.
by Geno Red December 22, 2003
Sexiest cat person every created in history of cat people. More sexy and asian then Lucy Lui. Make kickass ninjas, see www.realultimatepower.net
Last night I got some new protection so I equipped it on my mithra. I was up all night.
by Geno Red December 11, 2003
A descriptive word used for sexually arousing females that play alot of ddr and are usually asian.
Wow she rocks at DDR and has nice boobs ! Wut a meng.
by Geno Red December 14, 2003

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