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3 definitions by Genniex

An equation that suggests that 12 new normal-sized rolls are equal to 24 of the recently reduced normal-sized rolls.
Marketing placed the TOILET PAPER ALGORITHM "12 = 24 regular rolls" four times on the packaging of my $17 package of paper towels.
by genniex March 07, 2010
a one-eyed Santa.
By the time my son's art project made it home, Santa Claus had become a Santaclops.
by Genniex February 07, 2010
A term used to describe a state of anxiety created when donuts are placed to closely in a container, leading to sweating and icing loss.
Meijer's sweaty donuts are known to suffer from overcrowding and in some cases Stockhole Syndrome.
by genniex August 01, 2010