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2 definitions by Gennieass

When a member of one ethnic group becomes entranced by the pop culture of another ethnic group, adopting their style of dress and mannerisms, while still keeping their normal cultural customs and circle of friends as much as possible
Doug: Whats going on with ted? Last week when we went golfing he was wearing a basket ball jersey and a wave cap, he even told me he prefers to be called t-bone now.

Mike: I don't know man, ever since he started dating that girl from the urban wear store in the mall, he has been very "Ethnically bi-curious".
by Gennieass March 12, 2011
a term coined when a psychologist told my father that I, his son, was a genius. To properly express his disbelief in my mental capability and, simultaneously degrade my self esteem he created this word. It should be used accordingly.
shrink: the tests are in, your son seems to be very intelligent. in fact, we believe, he is what you would describe as a genius

dad: That boy aren't no darn genius! he might be a gennieass but he aren't no genius.
by gennieass July 29, 2010