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An advanced form of Genlo only acquired by 10 years of Genlo-ism. Tends to enjoy late night walks on the beach and being called Master Bates by his "little people" in his basement.
"No Masta Bates. I need to feed my family."


"Genlo Bates, you are under arrest for 28 counts of child molestation."
by Genlo's Ride April 14, 2009
The cooler spelling of Pacman. It automatically makes a sentence cooler
Man#1:Dude I just Pacled that chick
Man#1:Never mind...
by Genlo's Ride April 16, 2009
An adjective that describes an event that can be gang related or as awesome as
being gang related.
Are you ready for the drive-by...?

Yeah, it's gonna be so gangbangalicious.
by Genlo's Ride April 19, 2009
A man that is normally the pimp shit of the party and can be the pwnawesomest person.

Also referred to as Jevon.
Dude, did you see that Devon?

No, why?

He just downed 15 beers
by Genlo's Ride April 17, 2009

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