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1 definition by Geniusbeast

An Atheist Youtuber who goes by the name TheAmazingAtheist. He is the most genuine human being I have ever seen. In a world of stupidity, arrogance, and silly religion, he shines. I could go on for hours about how amazing he really is, but that's a long time. He has a Libertarian political view and most of his points in my eyes are the ideas of us Atheists. He is fighting stupid Christians, gullible politics, and worldly issues one video at a time. A truly magnificent and intelligent specimen that gives me hope for humanity.
Idiot: Dude, this theamazingatheist guy is a fat ass fag, he dissed god.

Me: God doesn't exist dude..

Idiot: He's wrong because he's fat!!

Me: Seriously kid?
by Geniusbeast March 06, 2011