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The act of making an ATM transaction. Each $20 increment is equal to one fluet.
Shit, I have no money, I need to go pull a fluet.
How many Fluets do you need? Just give me three fluets ($60).
by Genius GZA September 15, 2007
A streetwalker that is almost always intoxicated while gaining teenagers respect by their willingess to purchase them alcohol.
Known buzzards are: frying pan man, Artie and whitey.
We need beer tonight, lets go cruise Union Ave to look for buzzards.
by Genius GZA September 15, 2007
A disrespectful ending of a phone conversation.
Caller 1 (Tool): Ok, if you can help me move later that would be great....Talk to you later...

Caller 2: Much later.
by Genius GZA September 15, 2007
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