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CSI is an acronym.

It stands for:


It's generally used for those people who know way too much about science, and tend to talk about creepy things concerning it.

It is also used when referring to a government group that goes under the same name, but that's not used very often except when referring to the television programs.
"Man, what a CSI - I think we have a secret pedobear on the loose. Somebody phone the police..."
by Genevieve Am I June 22, 2011
SAW is an acronym.

It stands for:


Get the point?
"Geeze, this guy is such a SAW!!!"

Guy 1:"Yo, buttmunch, how's it hangin'"
Guy 2:"Why are you speakin' black? You're white."
Guy 1:"I'm tryin' ta fit in betta, yo."
Guy 2:"......Saw." *turns away*
by Genevieve Am I June 21, 2011
IRS is an acronym.

It stands for:


This acronym is fairly new, and cropped up because of the recent Nuclear disasters happening over in Japan.

Used when referring to someone who is obsessed in some way with radiation.

The acronym also stands for a government group that is despised and hated throughout the whole country. Those taxes that you pay every month? Yeah, that's these guys.
"What a freakin' IRS - stop talking about radiation, nobody's listening anyway!"

Guy 1: "Okay, so when the radiation from Japan-"
Guy 2: "Ah, not Ah-GAIN!!"
Guy 1: "-we'll walk to the other side of the country and-"
Guy 2: "Shut up. Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up!!! I've had it up to here with your talk about radiation! Shut UP!! You're a freakin' IRS!!"
Guy 1: "Well, geez, there's no need for THAT kind of language..."
by Genevieve Am I June 22, 2011

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