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A white person who believes in Jesus but that Muslims are the devil and are sneeking in through Mexico.
This fundamentard at work told me the president is letting those muslims sneak in through mexico. What a fundamentard!
by genevared November 21, 2010
Someone claiming to have a love of Jesus and they want to be like Jesus, but they are really just spoiled white kids from a rich family with no social skills. Someone who was raised in fundamentalist christian culture and is always asking if you are saved.
That wannabesus is always wearing those dang wwjd shirts.
by genevared November 21, 2010
To have sex with one or many men. Usually used in reference to casual sex with men by a domineering woman.
Madonna is a famous jillanderer
by GenevaRed October 24, 2010
A female with Liberal point of view regarding sexual relationships usually with a good sense of humor and wit.
Pam Anderson is a Libertarienne.
by GenevaRed November 15, 2010
Some one who shows up to church drunk or hungover and is rude.
That is one drunk ass Crasstion.
by genevared November 26, 2010

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