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2 definitions by General Hot

Selly Oak is a safe and clean retreat in the multi-cultural hub of Birmingham. Recent installments have included rubbish bins with the University of Birmingham emblem.

If visiting Selly Oak, you should probably plan your visit around witnessing nature in its most vibrant form.

Vomit will be prominent along the pavements during october (locally termed freshers) and June (results).

Chavs are best sited during the summer months. The rahs will have migrated South.

Mating season is fairly consistent and active. One improves their chances of experiencing mating by getting the female (locally termed skank) fccked up on snakebite.
When I was in Selly Oak I purchased a 'I *heart* SO' tshirt.

I caught my STD in Selly Oak.

I found selly oak so ghetto, a chav tried to shank me and i CHUNDERRED EVERYWHAR.
by General Hot January 07, 2011
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A Leicesterite, by enlarge, is a chav or a paki. They wear babies and pyjamas, respectively and they make their livings down the Job Centre or the Hand Car Wash.

A Leicesterite who is not from chav or paki bloodline will most likely be from Oadby or Stoneygate. Unless they are one of the many, many other immigrants.
David Attenbourgh needs to bring his cameras down Lesta and capture the Leicesterite in its pure exotic, filthy form.

The Elephant Man would be well proud of what the Leicesterite has become.

Lesta is well good cos all the Leicesterites are pure good mates, don't matter if they black, white, yellow or brown. No word of a lie, we celebrate Eid, Xmas, Caribbean Carnival and Diwali all together.
by General Hot August 29, 2011
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