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1.(noun)The phrase "A bag of day old dicks" is used to describe someone who has been a bag of dicks for so long that they are outdated, or tend to smell. The phrase can also be used to desribe a topic that has been used and abused for so long that no one wants to hear it any longer.

2. The phrase can also be used to describe something that smells because it is rotten or just disqusting.
That group of gutter punks on the corner just smelled like a bag of day old dicks when we walked by.

Yesterday we talked about bags of dicks for 12 hours straight until the bag of dicks grew to be a bag of day old dicks.
by Gene the fiend July 10, 2008
(noun)1. A word to describe a female trampoline, because if the trampoline is male it would have a big dick in the middle of it for people to bounce on.
Lets jump on that trampolina and bounce the fuck out, yo!

Dude, you don't own a trampolina because yours has that big dick you superglued on it.
by Gene the fiend July 10, 2008
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