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An interesting species, with unique characteristics. The Zyad is best known for it's incredible desire to smoke, eat chicken and mudbud. Although this mammal appears harmless with it's round soft exterior, if one ever comes in contact with Zyad do not bother this while eating or smoking.. Beware a Zyad is known for overstaying their welcome. Although the Zyad will say it is only inhabiting your nest temporarily, don't be fooled this is a very permanent position.
"Man stop smokin all my cigarettes, eating all my food and just leave already, you fukin Zyad!"
by Gene Van Bingles November 09, 2011
Often a creature of the night, rarely see's the light of day, not the most sociable of species. Normally fairly short but with an aggressive nature, prone to be smaller than the average human. However don't be fooled by his small stature the Jamil can be feisty and tends to bite if threatened or put into a corner.
"hey man why are you being so anti social and angry, your such a Jamil!"
by Gene Van Bingles November 09, 2011
Gremlin of the underworld. Although this creature has been named with other definitions, such as froggy, rat, jerre, the Arturo has a superhuman desire for money and will go to extreme lengths to acquire this. The Arturo has no allegiances. Don't be fooled by the pug-like eyes and quasi modo stature, the Arturo will stab you in the back for a diet coke! Myth has it, who ever rides on a bike with Arturo never returns!
"Pay me my money you fukin Arturo"
by Gene Van Bingles November 09, 2011

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