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2 definitions by Gendry

A generic noun, much like in the cartoon Smurfs, the use of the word Smurf. Adding a verb or adjective before it defines it for that moment, as in cranky, dirty, smelly, angry, etc.
Person 1: Man, that girl really got pissed at me!
Person 2: Ah, a angry bruskin!
Person 3: Let me try her again.......
by Gendry August 21, 2007
A large mammal, usually (but not always)of the small brained, upright walking variety. Generically used to describe an aquaintance that does or says something too stupid for words
Person 1: Dude-which side is up?
Person 2: The side that says UP...
Person 1: Oh...yeah....
Person 2: What a blisard........
by Gendry August 21, 2007