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A 3D chat programme where you make a avatar. Alright for a laugh because its full of dimwits who think its real.
Dimwit: If you was my girl would you live here with me? (talking about an imvu 3d back ground)
Normal person: Erm, no.
Dimwit: Why?!
Normal person: Cause erm I cant live inside a computer...
by Gemma1985 September 24, 2007
A British social networking/dating website. Theres a few alright people but there are alot of pervs who message you asking if you got "cam" and slappers who have pictures of themselves standing in front of a mirror half naked taken with their mobile or just of ramdom body parts. There are also alot of bots trying to get desparate men to text to a preuium rate number to recieve a dirty vid.
Euh I saw her on Faceparty last night, posing in her undies :x
by Gemma1985 September 24, 2007

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