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A mindless idiot who wears fake burberry products for £5 of the local market and who has poorly dyed blonde hair and who listens to britney spears and 50 cent etc...they wear fake diamond earings and the girls wear bottoms with 'PRINCESS' or 'BABE' written on the back and the men and women wear jackets with an American state on the front such as 'CUBA' or 'BROOKLYN' on the front. They smoke and say 'innit' and swear in every sentence...how pathetic...they pick on goths and punks and grunges because we are different. well it's better to be different than be like one of the rest of them townie bitches/pimps.
Here is my argument i had with 2 townies (a boy and a girl)
Townie 1: oi mate, ere's one of them sado goths

Me: Ahem

Townie 2:HAHA, lets go get da others. then we can kick her in

Townie 1: Move a muscle and you're dead biatch

They ran off to get their mates and i walked off in to mc donalds to meet my mates.

Why tell us not to move then they run off....?!?

Pathetic Wannabes
by Gem The Weird One October 24, 2004

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