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A female of sultry appearance who, as an uninvited stranger, infiltrates events on party barges for free booze and debauchery.

Barge whores are commonly agreed to be a nuisance, and their propensity to generate problems is well documented; however, when it comes to the removal of barge whores, their appealing appearance in a string bikini generally allows them a wide berth of leniency.
Dude1: "Dude, who are those chicks? Do you work with them? Are they from your gym? They aren't family, are they?"
Dude2: "No, they're just barge whores. And, you might want to say something, they're drinking all your Bacardi."
Dude1: "No big deal. Damn, that one has great tits."
Dude2: "Fo' sho'."
by Geek Fester September 06, 2011
An individual who, when playing the Battlestar Galactica board game, is constantly advocating the option to "Launch a Scout", despite there being other pressing matters at hand.
BSG Player 1: Okay, sky's full of Cylons, resources are in the red, one of us is sabotaging all of our skill checks... what now?
BSG Player 2: We need to launch a scout.
BSG Player 1: Dude, seriously? You're such a scoutpimp. You'll be the death of all of us.
BSG Player 2: Listen- I read it online, it's the most logical option in the long run.
BSG Player 1: You frakkin' Cylon...
by Geek Fester November 06, 2011

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