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Often bears similarities to a nerd a Japanophile is someone who

1. Thinks Japan is the greatest country/culture in the world.

2. Tries to learn the japanese language simply by watching animes and repeats lines of it later on to attempt at impressing someone, they usually get the word wrong as well

3. Has or would like to go out in cos play looking like a complete idiot dressed up as their favorite anime or RPG character

4. Thinks every female in Japan is "innocent" or "shy"

5. Is pale and overweight

6. Spends most of there time online typically playing RPGs such as Ragnarok or Final Fantasy

7. Rarely leaves the house

8. Spends a good 18 hours each week watching animes and if they recently bought a series will watch the lot in one go

9. Wants to go to Japan to live there forever and possibly marry an Asian woman, they seem to belive Japanese women are easy to pick up.

10. Spends a good length of time on foreign sites and downloads animes from the internet whether there in English or not.

11. Buys anime magazines to see what the latest "hot" anime is so they can go out and purchase it.

12. Has or would like to purchase swords from Japan to try and improve there already stupid image

13. Tries to hangout with other asians wheteher they are friends with them or not because "all asians are cool" they repeat this line often, and if they see an asian walking by them in the street they will either stare at them or talk about them for ages "Did you see that asian kid"
If six of the above apply to you then you're a Japanophile

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