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Regional to shore areas of South Jersey, some residents (late teens to early thirties) often use "hamburger meat" as a euphemism for chest hair. Hamburger meat is an especially prominent feature of French Canadian tourists, as are speedos. Hamburger meat is also used to point out when a man has obviously taken great lengths to display his man mane, i.e. - unbuttoning polo style shirt completely, and flattening the collar to maximize fluff effect.
Ex. 1
Worker 1 - Damn, dude..... Did you see that guy that just left the hotel lobby?
Worker 2 - Yeah, he had his hamburger meat hangin out over his grape smugglers.
Ex. 2
Hotel guest 1 - I won't be coming back here. The dirty worker guy keeps leering at my wife...
Hotel guest 2 - Yeah, he struts around the pool trying to impress everyone with his hamburger meat.
by Gee El September 05, 2012

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