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Allegedly stands for council house and violent. These are the dregs of British society, they are recognisable because they go to the same outfitter (JD Sports) and wear polyester shell clothing and baseball caps. They perfect a malnourished look by spending all their money on cigarettes and alcohol. They will often subscribe to Sky satellite television (or steal a decoder) and enjoy film sequels.
Trev and Bex died when trying to ramraid a kabab shop because the 24-hour garage had closed the previous week when the owner was shot by a gang of chavs.
by Ged Carroll September 14, 2004
A dictionary created by writers of Viz comic. The profanisaurus is the rude dictionary created by Roger Melly. Melly is a hard living, highly sexed, profane television personality constantly thinking of new projects that will allow him to drink, earn illict cash and have sex with assorted young women.
'Beef curtains is defined in the profanisaurus as a womans genetalia'
by Ged Carroll July 27, 2004
During the late 1980s and early 1990s doctors started to see dishevelled ravers with chaffed nipple surfaces due to prolonged dancing rubbing the body part against synthetic fabric, seams,stitched logos or talc in the case of PVC outfits. The combination of sweat from MDMA use, inflamed the friction wound even further.
"Jay-sus, me tits ache, I got a bad dose of clubbers nipple after going to Cream on Friday"
by Ged Carroll February 02, 2005
Someone who peddles drugs to a user
"She wasn't too bright, I told her I was an urban pharmacist, she replied that sounded like a job with prospects"
by Ged Carroll November 22, 2003
Someone who consumes an excessive amount of MDMA on a regular basis as part of their night out. They will usually gurn like a lunatic and be completely unaware of their surroundings, often listen to old school, hardcore or cheesy anthems and wearing a shell suit
"I hate going to festivals there is always a bunch of Northern pill monkeys, half of which are on the rob to spoil it for everyone else"
by Ged Carroll November 22, 2003
A term used to encompass a number of house music anthems from the early 1990s which featured a piano playing the lead. These records influenced the anthem sound of handbag through to happy hardcore. Tracks classed as piano ranged from Jimi Polo 'Better Days' (especially the Sasha remix), Bizarre Inc. 'Playing with Knives' (remixes on the yellow sleeved Vinyl Solution 12) to Italo house tracks like Black Box 'Ride on Time' and ASHA 'JJ Tribute'
"Alright fella, ya got any piano tunes like? Me bird wants to have a dance and I would love it if you could play that brothers and sisters record, you know the one I mean?"
by Ged Carroll July 24, 2004
This was the nightclub in an industrial Chicago during the late 1970s and 1980s that house music took its name from.
"I wanna tell you a story about the Warehouse in its days of glory," - Wareband feat Ted Robinson "Party Children"
by Ged Carroll July 31, 2004

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