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A worse state than man down, to be so drunk you hit 3 on the Glasgow Scale.

The worst state of drunkeness ever seen.
"She'll be fucked if she drinks all that"..."LIZ DOWN"

"You were proper Liz down last night"
by Gearsy July 04, 2008
The official scale used to measure a drunken state.
A 1 to 15 scale, 15 being sober, 1 being dead.
Sam was gone, you can tell he can't handle his drink, he was pulling a 5 on the Glasgow!

"Call an ambulance, she won't wake up"...later that day..."the paramedic said she was lucky, she was 3 on the glasgow scale"

"Nah I've only had a couple, I'm still in double figures on the glasgow"
by Gearsy July 04, 2008
To squat over a girl, whether she is awake or not, and dunk you cock into her pum making as little effort as possible.

I can't wait to get on holiday for some pum dunking!

phwoar...I would love to pum dunk that!

Roland, with a grimace on his face, squated and dunked, then proclaimed "I am a pum dunker!"

by Gearsy July 04, 2008

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