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An exclamation many shout when they have done something worthy of going to Hell.
John: Hmmmm.... That was great last night sis!
Sister: Yeah, wanna go again?
John: Ok! I'm going to hell! So why shouldn't I live before I do!
by GearSecondMaster June 18, 2011
An exclamation made when you simply can't do anything anymore. Basically giving up.
Geo: *Tries to jump rope but fails* I can't do it!
Liza: Come on try again!
Geo: I simply can't do it!
by GearSecondMaster June 17, 2011
A form of blowjob that a person can give to you.
JoJo: Yeah last night Jenny gave me a Mr. Krabs.
by GearSecondMaster April 10, 2011
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