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making big or moderately large plans with one of your friends, family, or acquaintance. and at the last minute - abandoning then all at once with a very very stupid or pussy-ass reason.
Alex: so Jake, me and Mickey are on our way to pick you up.

Jake: Dude... i don't know if its gonna work out this time man.

Alex: why not? we've been planning this for like, two weeks!

Jake: dude... i like... stubbed my toe real bad. i cant even walk on it. it might be broken.

Alex: Jake-in' out! of course!
by Gazetti January 15, 2008
The act of giving or getting hit with a "Flyin' T" is someone who runs up out of nowhere with or without pants on, but having their penis out to jump into the air spinning with their arms out in "T" formation (thus the "T" in "flyin' T") and slapping, hitting, or srtiking their entended target in the face with their penis.
"dude! i was in the mood for a massive Flyin' T, so i just went for it! thank god the ceiling was so high! she was like 6'2!"
by Gazetti December 02, 2007
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