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1. An attractive body that causes one to become sexually aroused.

2. A slang term refrencing medication prescribed by ones doctor to relieve the tension one experiences during a time of erectile dysfunction.
1. "Back off! This boner candy is mine!"

1. "It must be Halloween cause I see nothin' but boner candy."

1. "Doug is pumped up about next week. His boner candy is being imported from Canada."

2. "Mr. & Mrs. Johnson were having marital problems for some time, but since he was put on boner candy I always see a smile on their faces!"

2. Boner candy, it's like filling a flat tire.

2. Rufus sure doesn't look all that big. I hope he's packing boner candy.
#erect #excited #unsoft #aroused #erectile disfunction
by Gaywolf November 11, 2006
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