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A pirate hooker.
Aye matey! I spy a seacunt aboard the Black Pearl!
by Gaylord Olgvin September 12, 2011
A condition where someone can never look straight at you because one of their eyes is always pointing in another direction. Often giving the impression that the person is mentally retarded.
Wall-eyed Wally can only look at you with one eye at a time while the other eye points elsewhere...
by Gaylord Olgvin September 12, 2011
When someone takes a massive shit or squirts out a lot of diarrea and then clogs the toilet with the amount of toilet paper that they use to wipe their butt afterwards.
*Stan was in Eric's bathroom desperately trying to unclog the toilet after taking a huge dump. *

Eric: "Oh my god man, you didn't have to punish the toilet!!!"
by Gaylord Olgvin September 11, 2011

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