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4 definitions by Gayley

This is to describe the female labia area which is stinking of fish.
The flaps hang quite low and are smelly.
That girl has fish flaps! I can smell them from here!

Jim: I went with this girl the other night and she has fish flaps!
Cuthbert: Thats disgusting! I hope u didnt muff her?!
by Gayley August 19, 2006
Scottish - To insult someone.
Also known as a fanny. female genitals.
That guy is such a fan dan!! He is a waste of space!

What a fan dan!

by Gayley August 19, 2006
Scottish - Someone or somethings that is very smelly
That house was really hum dinging.
My t-shirt is pure hum dinging because iam sweaty
by Gayley August 19, 2006
Scottish - More central scotland insult.
Definition -

To smell like a male genital area which is rather smelly indeed. Balls that havent been washed in a long time or are rather sweaty.
You are stinkin of bawhum!
by Gayley August 19, 2006