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3 definitions by Gaycob

a really gay 20 odd year old who lives in Scandinavia. and shaves his legs regularly with a spoon.
piss off Fagnus, you gayboy
by Gaycob June 04, 2003
a complete and utter shit cougher! does it everywhere, all over the walls. And to the trained eye it is obvious when he has visited the rtoilet as there is piss all over the seat, and excrement stuck to the sides of the bowl!
'Fagnus, I shat in your mouth for a reason, not just so you could cough it all over the wall, and flush the fucking toilet next time!'
by Gaycob June 07, 2003
some one who, after a quick felch has an asthma attack, coughing shit pretty much everywhere.
any gay with asthma
by Gaycob June 07, 2003