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When one goes an extended period of time without jerking off. Most will give in to willpower and natural urges, but the courageous and strong can sometimes go for days or weeks without choking the chicken. See The Contest (Seinfeld).
"Yo dude, check out this porn video I found!"
"Nah man, not tonight. I've decided to go on masturbation probation."
by Gayaka June 20, 2009
A good secluded place to do illegal activities, namely drugs.
"Yo dude, lets hit up that sick cutty spot in the park and get blazed."
"A'ight, bro. Ain't no cops there."
by Gayaka May 22, 2009
When a bunch of dudes all go take a dookie at the same time in different bathrooms in one house or in different stalls. Whoever finishes first wins, but whoever finishes last took the biggest dookie and is officially dookie king.
Steve: Dude, I gotta take a shit.
George: Me too.
Pete: Hey, me too!
Everybody at same time: DOOKIEFEST!
by Gayaka June 07, 2009

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