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Matt is very hard to describe, due to being so perfect. If you had to stereo type Matt it would probably be the 'Farmer Boy'. Matt has the tendency of saying the word 'Cyat' and passionately dislikes the singer Jessie J. Matt is homosexual, he just doesn't know it yet. Matt usually has wet dreams about the rapper K Koke and on a few odd occasions Rick Ross. Cows scare Matt. HIM is his favorite band. He loves animals. However, there is a side to Matt nobody rarely gets to see. The beyond incredible side that I do. Matt is the type of person you could trust your life with. Its hard to get through a day without him. Nobody makes me smile like Matt does. Life would be worthless without him really. For me, Matt is the whole world. My whole world. My future. My best friend and my personal Professor Green. Only, better. Nobody in the world deserves Matt though, because hes got a heart of gold. So, I think i'm going to stop typing; because its clear that Matt is the shiz and I don't wanna like make guys even more jealous. One last thing: I love you, Matt.
Person 1: Matt? Oh isn't he the one with the perfect eyebrows?
Person 2: And the irreplaceable baby face?
Person 3: Wait.. Are you guys talking about the guy who's literally the the most amazing human? Or..?
Person 4: Yeah, who else blud.
Person 5: Whoever's got that piece of a$$ must be the luckiest mug in the world.
by GayStalker February 21, 2012

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