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A light inexpensive piece of rubber that fits over the penis, designed for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and/or the prevention of impregnation, during sexual intercourse. Strongly recommended by health professionals everywhere, this unique invention has still become widely un-popular in Australia and America.
-see idiot
After a long night of slobbering over each other, Rick and Mary decided to go hard at it in the parklands. Condoms not being terribly trendy, Rick decided to continue without. Mary agreed and thought this was a smashing idea.
by Gay Sebastian May 05, 2005
A television show supported by every media imaginable, exploiting a person completely lacking in talent, intellect, musical knowledge and money. Used to brainwash the viewer into buying music, regardless of them liking it or not. Widely popular amongst teenagers and people with similar IQ.
-See idiot
Girl: Australian Idol is on!
Guy: Hand me that skewer so I can poke it through my head.
-See annoying
by Gay Sebastian May 05, 2005
A large turd with dangerous amounts of hair on either end, resembling an afro styled hair-do.
See Guy Sebastian
I'm not touching your afroturd
by Gay Sebastian May 06, 2005
A large turd with traces of dark pubic hair on either end.
See afroturd
The Guy Sebastian I saw in the park the other day was gobsmacking.
by Gay Sebastian May 06, 2005
A new perfume featuring the face of the ever-talentless Britney Spears. Pops up in personal emails and other unwanted places. Guarantees oneself to smell of twat and other nasties.
"I smell just like Britney!", Harry screamed excitedly, as he guzzled down a bottle of Curious
by Gay Sebastian May 05, 2005
A sticker widely seen on the back of ridiculous looking cars everywhere. Usually mounted across the cars front/back window giving it that badass finish. Owners of these cars can't actually drive them without parental supervision and more than often end up as road accident victims. Can see paired with flame stickers and V6+ stickers.
-see idiot
John thought his car was the shiznit and would get all the girls at school, for he had stuck a Nismo sticker on every side of his car imaginable.
by Gay Sebastian May 05, 2005
A term used by an indecisive pervert, as an excuse to have sexual intercourse with both sexes.
Jenny just couldn't choose between having sex with Jake or having sex with Melissa, because she was bi-sexual.
by Gay Sebastian May 05, 2005

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