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3 definitions by Gay Gentleman

The process by which the day-to-day living conditions in a city deteriorate and that city gradually becomes a run-down, high-crime, undesirable slum.
Every city should take quick action to nip in the bud any apparent Detroitification.
by Gay Gentleman May 04, 2010
Gharrio is a newly-coined term in use in some cities in the southwestern corner of the continental United States. It is a portmanteau combining the word "ghetto" with the word "barrio" and is used generally to describe a community that has a substantial Hispanic population and a substantial African-American population residing closely together or to describe a gathering location with large percentages of Black and Latino persons in attendance.
Compton, California, is a perfect example of a gharrio.
by Gay Gentleman May 09, 2010
A medication for a gay men whose gayness is waning so that he may recapture or restrengthen that gayness.
Russ suddenly stopped acting gay. After taking gaystrogen, he was back to his old self again.
by Gay Gentleman March 10, 2010