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To burn someone off is to dump them, cease involvement with or do something to belittle them. You can either 'burn someone off' or 'get burnt' if they do it to you. The person who gets burnt will often have a feeling of rejection
Mike: "Hey are you still going out with that girl?"
Bill: "Nar, I decided to burn her off"

Henry: "Hey you guys wanna go to that party tonight?"
Dave: "Nar, it wont be any good"
Stu: "Haha, Henry you just got burnt"
by Gav800 September 05, 2005
Use to describe someone or a something performed that has been taken very seriously and with lots of dedication. Name originated from elite sports people who live at an institution where they are bred to do things like robots.
Gav: "I eat right, sleep right, train everyday"
Alex: "That's pretty institutionalised of you"

Rego: "I had to study 5hours everyday for that test"
Gav: "Yeah you are pretty institutionalised"
by Gav800 September 05, 2005
acronym which stands for "Greatest of all time". Came from american sprinter Maurice Greene having "GOAT" written on a tattoo on his arm. Usually a pretty arrogant call for someone to make if they refer to themselves as being the GOAT, but is common.
Alex: "Oh Saunders, here he is, this kid is the GOAT"
by Gav800 September 07, 2005
Word is used to describe someone who is not very coordinated or just a general word used for abusing someone. Can often mean disabled aswell, but is not actually said to a disabled person.
"Oh Ben, you are such a gherkin"
by Gav800 September 07, 2005
Basically another word for saying 'no'. Means that you do not agree with what the other person is saying
Tim: "Hey did you go out last night?"
Steve: "Nasty"
by Gav800 September 07, 2005
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