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A creep, a general causer of mischief and mayhem. One should not get in tow with him on a night out because it will most likely end in carnage. fathers be warned, lock up your daughters!
Tatty: "what u up to tonite chief?"
Chief: "Fuck knows man, just stayin in"
Tatty: "aw come on u borin cunt, just come oot, we'll get doofer man"
Chief: "Aye, u up for it like? fuck it man, lets gain tumble doon the braes, u get the carry out and i'll phone apple"
by Gav Reid, represent bitch July 22, 2004
A two-bit trouble causin' monster
If you've got a pulse he'll fight you
If you've got doofer he'll phone you
If u support England he'll sing with you
If your a GUFF CUNT he'll love you
Chief's got doofer....

Chief's with his muckers at the monk's trailer smokin the wacky backy.....

His phone goes....

Fuck sake its wands, what does he want

--Slurred voice down the phone...
Aye chief, its wands, fuckin, wot the fuck, fuckin, u got any fuckin doofer ,like man. im fuckin wasted, been fightin 40 irish boys in breakers and i won
by Gav Reid, represent bitch July 22, 2004
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