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1 definition by Gauss Godden

Function (Noun, Adverb, verb, adjective)

Definition: refer to Fuck; Gan; because in the Taiwanese chinese input layout, E04 types out as Gan which is the synonym of fuck. Commonly use in conversation between taiwanese people over the internet messengers (eg. AIM, MSN, etc.) or online forums.
Used in English conversation.
(N.) What the E04!? ; I don't give a E04!
He is a E04er!
(Adv) You are E04ing Gay!?
(v) Im going to E04 Eileen.
(Adj) I'm going to the E04ing event.

Used in Taiwanese conversation.
(V.) E04 Nee Nia!
by Gauss Godden May 10, 2007