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The dick head who always shows up and ruins your game when you meet a hot chick
Me: ...Yea the operation was hard and I had a 5% chance of survival.
Hot Chick: Oh my god were you scared?!
Jock out of no where: What are you doing with this loser. Lets go for a ride (piece of shit rice burner) bitch.
Hot Chick: Uhh...OK!
by Gatman March 31, 2006
I pay tax dollars for this!! Oh well. Its a fun game and its free (sort of). People piss and moan about the graphics but c'mon its a free game dont expect it to be something from DOOM 3 or F.E.A.R.. They also complain that it shows a biased view of the Army. Well of course they will its a recruitment tool retards. Just because it doesnt show all the blood, gore, screaming and innocent children suffering doesn't mean it shows only the Army as a good thing. After all, the game designers are not retards, if they show this kind of stuff it will defeat the purpose of the game. Just because it is designed to recruit people doesn't mean you have to join the army. Just enjoy one the best free games out there and stop your bitching.
Gee, America wastes our tax money on ICBM nukes will never use, well-fare for lazy asses who won't get a job, and America's Army to attempt to recruit computer nerds into the Army. What a country we live in!
by Gatman April 02, 2006
Probably the gayest motorsport ever made. Based on shitty cars such as a Dodge Intrepid, Ford taurus, or a chevy Monte Carlo that are commonly found in rental car parking lots. The race cars weigh 3000 pounds and (500 pounds are from sponsor decals)as opposed to an F1 car that weighs close to 1000 pounds. I will admit that nascar does require some athletic and driving talent (you need strength due to no power steering and brakes and the lateral G's do take a toll on one's body, the cockpit can reach 140 degrees so when you add all that fire proof cloths and 3 hours in the car you can lose almost 5 pounds in water) but no where near that of WRC, F1, IRL,CART or ALMS. This sport is backed by ignorant rednecks that won't bother to discover the true excitement that other motorsports have to offer.
FUCK NASCAR!!! watch WRC, IRL, F1, or ALMS that have real cars and real talented drivers.
by Gatman August 08, 2006
A piece of shit car.
a 1991 Lincoln Town Car is a Bomber
by Gatman April 01, 2006
To put it simply; A PEICE OF SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All Fords are shit.
Found On Road Dead
Fix Or Repair Daily
Failed On Race Day
Fucked Over Rusty Drivetrain
Found Owned by Redneck Dumbasses
Found On Road Ditch
How would you like to join me for a public burning of the Ford Motor Company?
by Gatman April 03, 2006
A game for nerds who know that there life sucks. They play this game so they can escape their sucky lifes and try to be the strongest person ever, but only in this fantasy world.
My life sucks so Im going home to play Dungeons and Dragons.
by Gatman April 01, 2006

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