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1. A hand job performed using ONLY the index finger and thumb, similar to a jeweler examining a diamond. Primarily used on those penises resembling a toddlers toe. Extreme concentration is necessary to successfully complete the task at "hand".
Tripp: "Dude, did you end up hooking up with that broad last night?"

George: "You could say that"

Tripp: "She was so tiny. She had to use two hands to hold her beer"

George: "Makes for a great jeweler jerk"
by GastoniaClamSlammer1 April 27, 2013
1. A next morning, hungover dump.
Tripp: "You ready? The party starts in 10 minutes"

Owen: "Dude, I'm still recovering from the butt flush I had this morning"
by GastoniaClamSlammer1 April 27, 2013
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