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Its whats for supper tous les jours for dats shipper guy. He eats it espesh when the guy from Arden is around doing his house work for gratuit. But dats arden guy gets no homard, he eats the kids leftover hot dog, and then buses home. Its rumoured the shipper once ate 16 homards at the Casino one days, and even got a piece of tail from the backside with just a muah
Hey Joe, whats for supppeerrrr??

Homard, avec le vin rouge, and for dats arden guy, Kraft Dinner
by Gary Turner March 01, 2005
A little piglet from Quebec. Le Petit Goret is often eaten for suppers by Joe on the weekends. As opposed to la grande goret, which often wakes up beside la difference on the weekends.
handy enjoys carving le petit goret at pots lucks.
"Hey, Chrissss whats you have for supper this weekends? I had le petit goret, after I pounds la grande goret all weekends!"
by Gary Turner December 14, 2004
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