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A large erection that is erected out of snow. It is usually about 6 feet tall.
That snow penis we made yesterday sure does trump the last one we did.
by Gary Coleman IV June 17, 2008
A place where a relatively good looking person can explore different kinds of sex and find out what they like and don't like. At this place, going to the bathroom means that you are going to get a quickie in the bathroom or you are going to get food because you are hungry. It is also courteous to buy the teacher something if they allow you to go, such as a yardstick or a pet beaver.
1. You have to love high school girls. They are such whores.

2. I asked Mr. Edwards if I could go to the bathroom, but instead I went to get some Sun Chips. As a result, I bought him tickets to the Rod Stewart concert.
by Gary Coleman IV June 16, 2008
When you have an erection that is larger than your normal erection.
Man, I really love it when I have a super erection.
by Gary Coleman IV June 16, 2008
1. The winner of cock mania.

2. The leader in a group of roosters.
1. After dominating cock mania, Miguel deserves the distinction of top cock.

2. You see the one with the gray feathers? Yeah, he's top cock.
by Gary Coleman IV June 16, 2008
An instance in which you haven't jacked-off in a very long time, thus resulting in the shooting of a very large and creamy load, usually on the face or chest. Over-ejaculation does not not exceed 11 fluid ounces. For a larger amount, see uber-ejaculation.
When my mom saw that my wall was covered semen, I explained that it was the result of over-ejaculation, so she gave me a cookie.
by Gary Coleman IV June 16, 2008
When you dominate someone's anus so thoroughly that the other person cannot take a shit for approximately 5 days.
I gave Kelsey an anal beastie last night, but she should be fine in a about a week.
by Gary Coleman IV June 16, 2008
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