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The Penis. Popularised by the rockumentary This Is Spinal Tap. A musician is playing a beautiful piece of classical music he has written on the piano. When the interviewer asks the name of the piece the musician replies with "Lick My Love Pump!"
Andy: Hey wanna lick my love pump Sally?
Rachel: Actually it's Rachel and it's more like a hump than a pump. Loser. And one more think. That word is sooo 80s!
by Gary Cherone June 20, 2006
Fool who will do anything for sex. Even stupid things.
"You jumped back fomr chump love you jumped back for cover but oh no no no I'm no chump lover sucker!" - Red Hot Chili Peppers, No Chump Love Sucker
by Gary Cherone June 20, 2006
the act comminted by a man who after years of using the same porn site to jack off over suddenly changes his mind one day and uses another site. the enxt time he needs to wank however he goes back to the old site as if nothing has happened.
i'm bored of monster cocks website, today i think i'll do a bit of pornication
by Gary Cherone June 20, 2006
british slang. someone who farts repeatedly creating a sound like a firing machine gun
jake's got a real machine gun arse! he let off 15 in a row last night!
by Gary Cherone June 20, 2006
Your Slang for cry.

"Stop rooering you gret babee" means "Stop crying you big baby"
"Last night after Sally left Tom he was rooering like a baby!"
by Gary Cherone June 20, 2006
A great threesome involving two men and a woman. The sex is brilliant.
Jessica: Last night Jordan and Ben double team supremed me. I had 4 orgasms.
Sarah: Supremeo!
by Gary Cherone June 20, 2006
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