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As Kids in Toronto in Winter we would sneak up to a stopped car and grab on to the bumper. Then get towed along the icey street till we fell off or the car stopped again. It was great fun and our name for it was Shagging.

I know what it means in Britain, I've been living here the past 10 years!
It's snowing, lets go shagging!
by Gary September 24, 2004
For All of use wondering who STC fancies i know and it is JAMIE LEE ROSS
SORRY FATSO i had to tell every1 peace
y-did u tell them gary- because you are fat stc
by Gary December 04, 2003
To remove ones friend from a room you are sharing with them, no questions asked, when you bring a girl back to the aforementioned room.
"Buuza, I'm calling parlay on you"
by Gary April 12, 2005
The term used for beer when completely intoxicated
"BER ME!!!!" or "Nice BER-AMID"
by Gary July 09, 2003
an ammount given to someone when asked for a decent ammount of a cigarette. around a thumbs worth sideways next to the begging of the filter. see also term ace
person one: hey can I get a little bit of your cigg?
person two: how about a bust-down?
person one: sure, thanks.
by gary March 12, 2005
To do a job by hand, as opposed to machinery.
"You can use this control panel to fix the sauna if you like."
"Nah, this hot, wet, baby can only be fixed with a handjob!
by Gary April 24, 2005
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