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A person who takes the time to "Hate on" others because they have more than said hater.
Ya see, I don't like that Bill Cosby because he's so damn rich
by Gary July 08, 2004
While screwing a girl in the ass, you pull out and blow the load on the floor. Proceed to rub the girls face in it, while saying "bad dog".
She was being a bitch so I gave her a bad dog.
by gary December 02, 2003
A selfish, inconsiderate, spoilt bastard. Someone who never considers anyone else except themselves.
Someone who would stitch you up at the slightest chance to get a lay.
Someone who would happily ruin your chances with pulling someone, cos he would be convinced they find him attractive and enjoy his oafish behaviour.
"What, he never paid you back? What an ingle"
by Gary March 06, 2004
The act of inserting a penis in a vagina
I am going to poojab some flipper tonight. I want to poojab some pussy.
by gary December 28, 2003
The female sex organ. vagina pussy
I haven't gotten any flipper in a while.
by gary December 28, 2003
One who is of great inteligence but poses and brag about it. Think one is greater then all others becuase they are smarter.(shows off intelgence)
Shut up nerd you think your all that but you can't do crap to nobody.
by Gary June 07, 2003
As Kids in Toronto in Winter we would sneak up to a stopped car and grab on to the bumper. Then get towed along the icey street till we fell off or the car stopped again. It was great fun and our name for it was Shagging.

I know what it means in Britain, I've been living here the past 10 years!
It's snowing, lets go shagging!
by Gary September 24, 2004

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