103 definitions by Gary

What Dave May eats.
"Hey Chris what does Dave May eat?"
"Ass Shoes!"
by Gary November 24, 2003
The act of shitting from a ceiling fan or step ladder (preferably 12ft.) onto ones face and/or chest. (Altitudes may vary.)
Jon watched as the steam rose off mary's chest after releasing a juicy sky dump from his brand new 12ft. step ladder.
by gary March 08, 2005
To avoid work or to dodge responsibility
Joe really shimmied out of that task
by Gary March 30, 2005
A red parasite that clings to the host's head, draining the host of logic, common sense, and style.
"Al acts like a fool, he has clearly been taken by the Red Menace."
by Gary December 08, 2003
Use like "i'd tap that"
Jamie? I'd kick that.
by gary March 02, 2005
1. Extreme aggitation when being called "fat" or some other obsese term.
2. Save the Whale C.E.O
3. Faceparty piglet, used for scaring away little boys and girls with such nonsense of pictures
4. Considered a future weapon against Iraq when dropping weight loads of her stature from the sky
by Gary October 05, 2004
a kid called staurt
hey, staurt is a total penis
by gary July 04, 2003

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