103 definitions by Gary

a term to be used for someone who lacks common sense or is a bit dim-witted. Someone who does all the menial jobs.
I can't be bothered to do this shit, let the monkey do it.
by Gary May 01, 2003
when someone plays field hockey and snorts a lot when they laugh. and lives in the woods
damn i smell a weisen
by gary March 01, 2005
dumb ass who fucks shit up
you fixed that like a taub
by gary October 29, 2003
Guy from the south of the UK, known around Bucks, mainly by people he doesn't know. Has many talents, but fails to reveal them to the general public
Meteaga: Well whoop de f***ing doo!
by Gary August 17, 2003
to ride in an automobile with a large number of individuals
You see we rollin deep, going to eat some chicken with five of my closest friends.
by Gary April 18, 2003
Vaginal Flash Assistant
God you are one good V.F.A.
by Gary November 02, 2003
The errection aquired from awaking and needing a piss. (other names include morning willy, morning wood and jiffyrection)
I woke up this morning with serious nubeerection
by gary March 22, 2005

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