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103 definitions by Gary

1337 Gamer

this is the best possible title to describe the 1337 gamer known as PSGSP
Renegade gamer
SOF2 Gamer
Halo 2 Gamer ( X box live)
FFXI Gamer
by Gary January 17, 2005
another name for some clown who decides to do something very stupid or ignorant, and there are witnesses to his/her stupidity
Look at that yoyak, he just tryed to drive his 4by4 through a snow bank and hit a car.
by Gary January 14, 2005
dumb chicken_without_head

A person who knows nothing, but thinks everything. Life ends when he dies.
What the fcuk?! if the apocolypse... no its the Jonslilbro!
by Gary December 28, 2004
A person that is Gary and terrific all rolled into one big lovable Gary
Tom to Gary: Gariffic!
by Gary April 26, 2004
The one and only TRUE definition of funt: n; air escaping from the vagina; i.e. cunt fart
"Ewww what was that?" "Sorry, I funted."
by gary October 06, 2003
"Go crazy"
"Man that guy really likes to rock out"
by Gary January 20, 2003
A large glass (bigger than a pint), of beer.
Brooke is already drunk, does she really need another "growler"?
by Gary December 15, 2003