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Refers to the western portion of a small town on Vancouver Island. It stands for West Black Creek, or the region of Black Creek on the western side of the island highway. The majority of people living in West Black Creek reside along the main road running from the highway, Macaulay Road. There is also a natural feud between the youth of the "East Side Creekers" (EBC), and the West Side Creekers, though the East stakes this claim more clearly as it is the side more prone to exhibit a gang mentality, as the homes are generally of a slightly more urban and closer-distance than the larger acreages found in the west. This has created a close-knit group of individuals who continue to "represent" Black Creek, while the western half is largely dormant, and supportive of pro-black creek advertising. The main difference between the two groups of youth lies in the fact that the more separated and isolated West Black Creekers attended the small Black Creek Elementary, and were later on merged into the larger Miracle Beach Elementary, the school on the EBC side. This created a slight competition between the youth, the one side sheltered by a small school produced an assortment of creative youth which only further stands as proof of the benefit of small class sizes and intimate learning environments, while the other also accrued a number of talented athletes.
"Saratoga Speedway. That's right, welcome to the WBC, bitches. West-siide."
by Garumph! March 19, 2007

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