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4 definitions by Garrodith

a dumpling shaped muppet who wears short diapers and has pigtails
Bulzomi is the yeasty beasty
by Garrodith September 15, 2003
Former resident of RhyDin. Known to many for his compassion and sense of humor. Cannot die.
SNES Link is never ending.
by Garrodith November 01, 2003
A place that once exhisted long ago. It was a dream, and was good. A place where one could freely become that of a mythical being. The world was vast and epic. It was not to last.
Former resident SNES Link confirms this to be true. RhyDin is Dead.
by Garrodith November 01, 2003
A simple play off of the word Fetal. Invented by a friend of mine on accident.
RI0S (5:06:52 PM): ery few songs manage to leave me shaking on the floor in foetal position but many of their creations have that particular effect.
by Garrodith September 18, 2003