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A masculine metal connection between two males, where intent is shared and upon vocalization, realized.
Man #1: Hey bro, will you take out the trash?

Man #2: Was just on my way man.

Man #1: Oh, cool. Manlepathy.
by Garrison Bowers November 10, 2007
Whilst playing MarioParty, MarioKart, Mario,(or any other franchise that Nintendo has some how managed to corporate rape by forcibly inserting Mario into an area he need not be) and preforming any of the generic party fouls that any 17 year old and above are familiar with, I.E. spilling a drink, going against the grain of the environment, or doing something insipid and embarrassing.

While Daniel and I were playing MarioKart on his Wii, he said something really retarded and I called a MarioParty foul on him, that twat.
by Garrison Bowers May 05, 2008
Brokeback is slang for gay, which is quickly becoming coloqueal strange, and or stupid. Can also be used in the literal sense of that which is homosexual.

Brie: So what did you think about Ultraviolet?

Garrison: It was a bit brokeback.



Brie: Whoa, look at that guy, he's straight flmaing!

Garrison: Yep, he's a brokeback.
by Garrison Bowers March 05, 2006

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