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More commonly a Chevy S-10 with a new paint job, rims, speakers and hydraulics.
"Man, I was watching TV, and I heard this shitty rap from the street. I look out, and, what do y'know, it was coming from a spic-up."
by Garret February 17, 2005
When someone advertises something through clothing/bumper stickers/etc.
"You gonna buy that Chimaira t-shirt?"
"Nah, man. I'm not billboarding for a band I don't like that much."
by Garret February 07, 2005
When you ask for more sauce in New Orleans.
"Ya'll like sauz 'roun' he'e?"
"Mo' sauz."
by Garret February 04, 2005
Weaksauce(adj.) - A term used in place of "that is (lame/weak/gay/etc.)!"
(1)"Um...Honey, I think the condom broke."
(2)"Dude, you missed it! That fat chick just got punched in the face!"
by Garret June 14, 2004
The action of just straight-up drilling a bitch in any orifice (most commonly vagina).
"Hey baby, wanna get piked?"
"Ho, don't even ask me to pike you; you know you can't take this dick."
by Garret August 28, 2004
(1)Word used in place of more definite adjectives. Weak being interchangeable with many other adjectives, while sauce remains as a suffix.
(2)Lacking fertile sperm.
(1a)"Uh, dude, we're all out of bud."
(1b)"Man, my mom caught me tokin' last night.
(2)"Goddamnit, we need to adopt kids."
"'Cause you've got fuckin' weaksauce."
by Garret February 06, 2005
The god-like drummer from Cryptopsy.
"Man, that drum solo Flo Mounier did was fuckin' insane."
by Garret March 28, 2005
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