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1. Food that allegedly improves the functions of the brain. Example: fish (Omega 3 fatty acids)
2. Food that resembles a brain (less popular)
Fish is really great brain food - it can improve brain functions especially in children.

Walnut meat looks like a brain and it helps the brain function - double brain food!
#brain #food #brainy #omega 3 #banana #food brain #thought #memory #brainfood
by Garpike April 22, 2010
1. of, pertaining to, one who is both hipster and urban.
2. characteristic of or accustomed to wearing 80's reproduction Nike sneakers.

(possible misspelling: hipsterban)
I thought he was just a hipster, but then that dude showed me his vast hat and sneaker collection. He so hipsturban.
#hipster #hipsturban #hipsturbanite #not emosexual #urban
by Garpike April 20, 2008
A very large yam or sweet potato.
Mom, where did you buy this delicious yammoth?!
#yamoth #tuber #sweet potato #potato #mammoth
by Garpike April 22, 2010
Slang for best, coolest, hippest, raddest, or most bad ass
"Your Porgy and Bess the superbest, singing the gonest, acting the craziest, Gershwin the greatest." -Duke Ellington commenting on Porgy and Bess
#best #bad ass #hip #cool #coolest #baddest #rad
by Garpike March 04, 2011
1. to repeatedly borrow small items reduced to units with no intention of returning the favor, while avoiding the use of alternative resources such as a credit card

2. to acquire small items (typically consumable) from friends in small increments or slices by pleading poverty, even though alternative means are available.

3. to mooch despite available personal funds or resources.
I can't believe Keith vandersliced me out of 3 beers at the bar... I saw him using his own credit card later that night!

I saw her vanderslicing cigarettes during the entire concert, only to later use her own cash to buy shirt for the merch table.
#vanderslicing #mooch #mooching #chisel monkey #chiseling
by Garpike November 17, 2010
When using the cocktail party effect, one is able to hear their own fart in a loud environment such as a party or concert.
I enjoyed the loudest cocktail party fart in the middle of the guitar solo, and no one heard a sound.
#cocktail fart #party fart #concert fart #cocktail effect #cocktail party effect #background sounds #sound filter #focused fart listening
by Garpike August 19, 2011
Bacon that sacrifices its flavor to a dish due to cooking, such as baked beans or green beans (Southern).
I know the empty bacon has no flavor, but I still pick it out and eat it.
#empty ham #bacon flavor #bacon flavored #bacon spice #baconfood
by Garpike September 14, 2011
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