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Welsh term for a friend or a pal. Used mainly in the Valleys by working class.
Alright butty, where u off en?
by Gareth Owen June 11, 2005
Welsh term to describe a collective of something. mainly used in the Valleys. Ah meaning 'that' which in turn means 'them lot, the others etc..)
I am going out in down tonight with John and ah (and the others!)

Who was fighting the other day butty?

John:- Oh it was Pizey and ah bu. give Mike and ah un iding!
by Gareth Owen June 11, 2005
When a person or an object is extremely unpleasant or ugly
look at her she's banging

Ned:- do you like my new Nova son?

Kevin:- No son. I think it's banging
by Gareth Owen June 11, 2005
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