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emo is one step below transvestite.
their lives are just a black spiraling hole taht is controlled by sterotypes like Jesus and Big Bird and Pokemon. Gosh emos just love screaming to stabby rip stab stab, they have no love.
their love is for razors and black toe f cos hes emo enough for cyber sex with aungus with boc choy.
Asian emos originated in asia by Jesus's pimping buddy, Doctor Cabbage ft. Boc Choy And Thje GaNg.
Hau Ding is a emo, i love him like he loves shaving his legs, Napoleon Dynamites emo, sogh, emo.
Most emos hav genital difficienties, in most cases herpes crabs and white rice bubble lyk things on the flaps ov there fannys. emos ar obese fattys that drown there
sorrows in cake. i love emo. i hav an emo club. us emos use jelly dildos rather than normal ones becasue u can eat them afterwards!. although the health hazards are quite dangerous, we risk it becuase we enjoy masturabting using unwashed carrots courtesy of Hau dInGs SUpErMaRKeT.
Lulu: is he emo?
Ding: Yes
Herbert: Oh-My-Goth!
Douglas Jardine: Yes Emo hot hot
Emo: My life is spiraling towards hell
Phillip MCrack: Feel my crack
Kipper Nippples: I ToUCH MYSELF
by Garecaniel May 27, 2006

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